Canal Walk Boycott by Confederationof Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA)

CHASA has been made aware that the owners and/or management of Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town have taken steps to ban the carrying of firearms into Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

The management and/or owners of Canal Walk Shopping Centre are well within their legal rights to determine whether they will or will not permit persons to enter their premises with a firearm. This would fall under the rights of the lawful occupier of any premises to determine who and on what conditions persons enter their premises. This is why many premises have right of entry reserved signs.

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DEA Zero Quota for Leopard Hunts 2016

Reports in the press and social media may have already informed you of the zero quota for leopard hunts in 2016. Many anti-hunting groups are hailing this as a “BAN ON LEOPARD HUNTING” being imposed in South Africa. This is not factually correct. 
CITES has allocated 150 leopard export permits to South Africa for 2016. But the responsibility for taking up that quota still lies with the country or origin, and in our case The Honourable Minister of Environmental Affairs. One of the standard pre-requisites for allocation of a quota is a continued “Non Detrimental Finding” (NDF) for listed species. This requires a thorough process which determines the “Risk Level” that the particular animal finds itself in based on complex criteria.
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Proposed Game Meat Scheme


Dear Hunters

There has been a significant discourse recently on hunting social media as well as amongst private email correspondence relating to the proposed GAME MEAT SCHEME that the Department of Agriculture has published. In particular, as far as recreational hunters who shoot animals for OWN USE is concerned, many folk were alarmed by an article written by Robbie Roberts which appeared on page 38 of the SA Jagter/Hunter July edition, where he mentioned a “limit” on the amount of game a person may hunt within a 14 day period for own use (see the sub paragraph on page 40 entitled “NET SOVEEL BOKKE)

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Hunting’s Contentious Issues

Hunting’s Contentious Issues – Stephen Palos, CHASA Chair.

I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it! This declaration, famously credited to the French Revolutionary era writer Voltaire, was the essence of the teachings I received at the hands of one of my finest educators, way back in 1979 in std. 8. It is a statement of liberation. Of the right of man to say (and do) as he pleases. But, like all rights, must surely be practiced in a manner which, in turn, does not infringe on the rights of others.

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Martin Hood appointed on the CHASA Firearm Portfolio Team

Martin Hood appointed on the CHASA Firearm Portfolio Team

The South African Hunters Confederation is pleased to announce that well known firearm specialist attorney Martin Hood has been appointed as LEGAL SUPPORT TO THE CHASA FIREARM OWNERSHIP PORTFOLIO. This is a key portfolio in the CHASA stable and having someone with the experience and ability of Martin on this team takes us to new levels in our capacity to defend our member‟s interests in this critical area.

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Gun Ownership & a Murderous Society NOT linked

Gun Ownership & a Murderous Society NOT linked.

Stephen Palos – Chairman

It is a sad truth that tragedies of major newsworthy relevance are seized by politicians and other high profile individuals for the “soap-box” opportunities they provide.

Most of the rhetoric that flow from such sad events is used in one of two ways:

Firstly, to enhance the perceived standing, importance or point of view of the orator

Or secondly, to cover a shortcoming, make an excuse or deflect attention from the orator (or his organisation) for failures of their own making.

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