CHASA Senior Hunter Manual

Any person wishing to apply for a firearm licence must complete a training course with a registered / accredited training provider to obtain a Proficiency Certificate.  This certificate is a pre-requisite in terms of the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) which was implemented in 2004.

The CHASA Senior Hunters Course has been developed to comply with legislation and has been approved by the Central Firearms Register of the South African Police Service.

Person who successfully completed the CHASA Course and practical shooting test (Click on the Hyperlink for more detailed information) can apply for Dedicated Hunting status which allows a person to own more than four firearms as prescribed by law. A person can then also apply for Dedicated Sport Shooting Status (Click on Hyperlink to view CHASA Sport Shoot information).

This course is presented by member associations on a regular basis and persons are welcome to contact anyone of the associations listed on the site to obtain further information regarding costs, etc.

Range Officers Course

Members of associations wishing to become a Range Officer can undergo a Range Officers Course through their member association.  After successful completion of the course the member will be issued with a CHASA Certificate and a badge.

Bow Hunting Course

The CHASA Bow Hunting Proficiency Course was developed in 2003 and is offered to members wishing to become Bow hunters.  The course is acknowledged by Provincial Authorities to conduct Bow Hunting in terms of legislation as prescribed by a province.  Member associations of CHASA can be approached for further details and costs.

The South African Measuring System for Hunting Trophies

A member wishing to become an Official Measurer can undergo a Measuring Hunting Trophy Course.  This Course was developed and introduced on 7th November 1986.  Members who have completed the course successfully will receive a CHASA Certificate and badge and his name will be added to the list of official measurers kept by the CHASA Office.  Further details regarding costs, etc. can be obtained from member associations of CHASA.

Junior Hunting

CHASA also offers Training Courses for Junior Hunters.  The training consists of two modules namely a first module for juniors in primary school and an advanced module for senior learners in high school.  These courses are available at the CHASA Office and are presented at member association level.  The benefit of completion of this course is that a junior member can obtain his Dedicated Hunter Status which will enable him/her to apply for a firearm licence.  On successful completion of the course a Certificate and badge is issued to the member.