CHASA has a very active annual calendar, which includes participation at various expos and exhibitions, participation at the Hunters Forum representing hunters, CHASA training offerings at affiliates and affiliates postal league shoots.

Latest Events

03 Feb 2022n07:30PM - nSSW Virtuele Vergadering/Virtual Meeting
19 Feb 2022n08:00AM - 05:00PMnCHASA Raadsvergadering/ Board Meeting
19 Mar 2022n08:00AM - nCHASA Vlakteskiet Shoot
12 May 2022n07:00PM - nSSW Virtuele Vergadering/Virtual Meeting
21 May 2022n08:00AM - nCHASA Raadsvergadering/ Board Meeting
28 May 2022n08:00AM - nCHASA Action Pistol Championship
06 Aug 2022n08:00AM - nSSW Bosberaad
10 Sep 2022n08:00AM - nCHASA Raadsvergadering/ Board Meeting
24 Sep 2022n08:00AM - nCHASA Multigun Shoot
29 Oct 2022n08:00AM - nCHASA Interprovincial Baanskiet