RE: CHASA Position Statement on the Hunting of Captive Bred Lions

CHASA has contemplated the SAPA Norms and Standards for the Hunting of Captive Bred Lions in South Africa. CHASA also acknowledges the Department of Environmental Affairs’ Lion Biodiversity Management Plan and Lion Management Plan which form part of high level, thorough regulation of wildlife management and hunting in South Africa.

Further CHASA is aware that wild and wild-managed lions in South Africa are close to numbers that are of a maximum for the available territory and habitat, but that this still provides very few lions for hunting and at prices out of reach of most local hunters. Conversely, lion on private land number approximately threefold these wild & wild-managed lion and provide accessible hunting for the local hunter desirous of hunting these animals. CHASA indeed recognises that there are members who do hunt these Captive Bred Lions.

CHASA is deeply concerned that global animal rightist onslaughts are perverse, pervasive and dishonest. It is a known fact that they are employing a tactic known as the “domino approach” which targets the most easily emotionalised activities first, and as they succeed in eliminating these, they steadily advance onto the next. This tactic also employs a “divide and rule” element which includes deviously soliciting support for their current target from within the very sector that they are ultimately targeting as a whole. CHASA believes that the only logical counter to this is to draw an absolute line based on solidly defending all that is sustainable and legal.

CHASA thus hereby ratifies the SAPA Norms & Standards for Hunting Captive Bred Lions. We also strongly endorse the stated ambitions of SAPA relating to their self-governance and oversight role. We urge all South African hunters, particularly those who are members of CHASA affiliated associations, who are desirous of hunting captive bred lions to ensure that their hunt is conducted in accordance with these Norms & Standards, and preferably on a farm accredited by SAPA. Further, this position statement should be read in the overarching context of our CHASA Policy on Wildlife Utilisation, Hunting and Conservation. 

Issued by the CHASA Exco on 21 st November 2017