CHASA Policy on Black Economic Empowerment

CHASA supports our country’s constitutional objectives that call for the enhancement of the capacities of the historically disadvantaged and the inculcation of a culture which values diversity.
CHASA further supports the goals of broad based black economic empowerment.

CHASA however is a cultural organisation that belongs to it’s member base, and is not for gain, and we acknowledge the reality that in order to achieve black economic empowerment, we need to look beyond the facets of shareholding and distribution of profit.

CHASA therefore adopts as official policy, the following goals:

  • To, with the aim of speeding up the creation of representative membership, pursue the drafting of new members from historically disadvantaged groups.
  • To, with the aim of uplifting rural communities, actively pursue and fund initiatives to enable communities who live close to or amongst wild animals, to benefit financially and otherwise in a sustainable manner from those animals.
  • To, with the aim of empowering previously disadvantaged individuals, financially support the training of said individuals as conservationists and hunters.
  • To, with the aim of supporting the latter two, establish the CHASA Conservation, Education, Research & Empowerment (CERE) Foundation, and fund that foundation from membership fees.