CHASA negotiates with hunting properties and provides members with hunting opportunities to members across South Africa. Join CHASA now for access to this information.


CHASA represent firearms owners in various firearms forums with the South African Police and Central Firearm Registry in an endeavour to ensure hunters maintain their firearms in compliance with all legal requirements. Join CHASA now for access to this information.


CHASA offers various training products to its members including the Junior Hunter Course, Senior Hunter Course, SA Trophy Measurement Course and Bow Hunting courses. Join CHASA now for access to this information.

Letter of Good Standing

CHASA and CHASA Affiliates can assist members with a Letter of Good Standing when applying for a Firearms Licence or renewal of licence. The same can be supplied for application for a Firearms Competency application and renewal.


SAPS accredited Endorsement Certificates are available from CHASA to CHASA Affiliates and Members.  These are tailored to the specific need of either a Dedicated Hunter or Dedicate Sports Shooter to assist in licencing a variety of appropriate firearms.

Dedicated Sports Shooter

Once an affiliates’ member has passed the Senior Hunter course and has applied for and been awarded the Dedicated Hunter status the member also satisfies the pre-requisite for Dedicated Sports Shooter status. It is imperative that a Dedicated Hunter maintains the status by submitting an Annual Report annually.

In order to be awarded the Dedicated Sports Shooter a member makes application and payment once they satisfy the criteria above. The status of Dedicated Sports Shooter is awarded and the member needs to maintain this by satisfying the Dedicated Hunter requirement above, as well as participating in two (2) Sports Shoots a year.